Missina Germain, TIES (IPPA)
Trained Independent Encapsulation Specialist through International Placenta & Postpartum Association
I am a professionally trained placenta encapsulation specialist and have been providing this service for women since 2012. I had the privilege of serving Fort McMurray, AB for a few years, and now it is wonderful to be back in my home province residing in beautiful Cobourg, ON. 
Alternative medicine is a great passion of mine as Traditional Chinese methods, acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, and midwifery care have seen me through various health issues including years of infertility, and I am now blessed with a daughter who thundered her way into this world and into my heart and arms. I am particularly drawn to the birth and postpartum period which led me to discovering placenta encapsulation to support the transition a woman makes into caring for a newborn whether it's her first or fifth or more. I'm an advocate of bringing this long held tradition into our collective attention, and I enjoy working with the women who entrust me with the process during this sacred time in their lives. I look forward to connecting with you if you're interested in having your placenta encapsulated.
In my spare time I enjoy being with my husband and little girl, hula hooping, natural health and living, yoga, and reveling in the (not always) quiet and calm of serving my home.
Your safety and health are my priority. My credentials consist of:
  • Biologix Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Doulas & Placenta Encapsulators. (2012)
  •  NFSTP National Food Safety and Handling. (2012) 
  •  Ongoing webinars through IPPA, self study, discussion groups, and peer to peer mentoring and networking in order to stay current and ensure best practices are followed. (Present)
Please note, International Placenta & Postpartum Association (IPPA) was previously known as Full Circle Placenta (FCP).



Missina Germain • 289 - 691 - 6863 • missina@wombfruits.com facebook.com/wombfruits

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