TCM - Inspired Method
       The TCM-inspired method of placenta encapsulation was inspired by the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to assist the postpartum body in holistic, gentle healing, upholding the placenta as a powerful life-giving force. To prepare the capsules using the TCM-inspired method, the placenta is cleaned, drained, and steamed with lemon (an antiseptic to help distribute the placenta throughout the body), ginger (a soothing, warming herb, lending itself to energy and good circulation), myrrh (used where heavy bleeding is present), and frankincense (enhances the effects of myrrh and provides repair from tissue damage) before dehydrating in order to further enhance the already medicinal properties of the placenta. 
       This method was created by Raven Lang, a midwife, teacher, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was first introduced to North America in the '80s at a Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) conference. It remains today the most popular method of encapsulation, and for good reason! Dried placenta had already been used for over a thousand years as part of Chinese Herbalism to address many issues in the body as well as for tonification and healing postpartum women with its variety of warming, hormonal, and nutritional components. 


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